Providing communication at ground level, with changes in legislation to deilluminate road signs and a drive to declutter streets MBA are able to offer

In-ground illuminated paving

providing clear and visible route marking, using pictograms and text. The low voltage energy efficient solutions are slip resistant and can withstand the load of a vehicle. Personalise a design for corporate branding or chose from our standard ranges.

ROUTE paviours incorporate high output Route or white LED’s into a sealed, waterproof tile. Constructed from a stainless steel enclosure with acrylic signs set into resin bonded aggregate.

Pictograms and text. All sign elements are made from laser-cut acrylic enabling us to produce almost any pictogram image or text. Provide your own design or instruct our design service as to your requirements.

Designs and patterns. A route can also be produced with simple repetitive composition or detailed patterns.

Ground level emergency lighting. Route provides clearly defined emergency escape routes, the tiles can be sequenced if required.

ROUTE paviours are slip resistant, waterproof and drive over.
The unique design provides not only uniform illumination but uniform load distribution as well, this is a tough product, as load bearing as the substrate. Surrounding the illuminated sign is a resin bonded aggregate that provides excellent slip resistance and a durable, hard wearing surface.

SPECIFICATION: ROUTE paviours are waterproof, sealed to IP 67 Available in sizes: up to 60 x 60cm

Mounting depth:

  • Pedestrian, cycle and light traffic: 38cm
  • Heavier duty version: 70mm
  • Aggregate: 1-3mm, Resin bonded
  • 24v dc remote driver
  • Typical power: 30x30cm 9watts, 60x60cm 18watts.

Aggregate Options(Black Standard):