street furniture suppliers

Outdoor furniture is specifically designed for outdoor use and is made from weather-resistant materials so as to prevent corrosion. An array of outdoor furniture types include seating sets, chairs, dining sets tables, daybeds and loungers. The primary purpose of the outdoor and street furniture is to give comfort and appropriate décor. The concept of the outdoor living has resulted in a rise in the demand of multi-functional and flexible outdoor furniture and Outdoor Street Lighting designs.

Retro is back

The emergence of the ‘retro feeling’ is a huge trend which is seen in the global outdoor furniture market. The customers are shifting their preferences and likings back to the natural, crochet and woven styles which give more texture and appeal to all types of spaces. The woven trend is expected to go one step ahead of all the other trends and is likely to owe the introduction of non-conventional and new colors offering a fresh look, especially in the summers. Use of natural materials and wood like rattan and teak has gained an increased momentum for producing more outdoor furniture to compliment the LED decorative lighting.

Grilling products and their increasing demands

The popularity of the recipes available in the magazines, cookery shows and recipes on the internet has been producing a high level of interest in the consumers to try out new cuisines. And hence, the demand for the outdoor cooking equipment such as grills is increasing. The buying decision of the consumers for the grills is hugely influenced by the contemporary grilling technologies. Along with that, with the concept of the outdoor kitchens gaining popularity, investments in the equipment such as grills is very likely to gain more market in the coming years. Portable grills are generally preferred by the consumers who have small yard spaces or the people who love grilling in the outdoor spaces. Grills with foldable stands and wheels also enable storage along with easy transportation. These kinds of grills also consist of grease cup which rotates with the grill when it folds, as a result preventing it from dripping.

Outdoor Furniture sector – Recent trends

There’s been an evolution in the outdoor furniture over the years. They have literally transformed from often- forgotten lawn accessories – stored in the garages and sheds and hosed off when the barbeque beckons to an important and essential part of the home décor. Outdoor dining sets, fire pit seating arrangements, and plush lounge chairs are gaining a lot of popularity. They reflect the growing desire of the consumers for outdoor furniture which blends simplicity and elegance for creating a relaxing outdoor oasis.

The report on global outdoor furniture market supersedes a far-reaching research methodology which depends on both the primary and the secondary research for picking out every essential information and detail connected with the market. The qualitative features collected from the key opinion leaders and different industry experts are utilized at the time of report evaluation.