All lighting columns specified by Mark Bailey Associates are designed BS EN40 using detailed design software validated by approved third parties. The design standard EN40 provides a detailed specification for the design of a lighting column and provides key considerations when designing an exterior lighting scheme to ensure the structural integrity of the column. A lighting column design must take in to account (in relation to mounting height):

  • Weight and windage of the luminaire and bracket
  • Wind speed
  • Site altitude
  • Site terrain and topography

As standard, all-steel lighting columns are designed with a 25-year design life and aluminum columns have a 50-year design life.

Our structural engineers are able to compensate for the inclusion of additional loadings such as road signs, banners, and hanging baskets. All columns can be supplied with the option of flange or root mounting.

Passive safe columns are available as an option. Mark Bailey Associates are also able to advise the best surface finish/treatment to protect the substrate in the harshest of environments.

Our designers are also able to supply, install and maintain high mast lighting systems for sport, industry and transport sectors with a selection of head configurations.