MBA offer a comprehensive and complete supply, installation and manufacturing services for all the kinds of street furniture and exterior lighting. We have completed work of many large corporate clients and governmental organizations and you will find a great number of examples of our work on our website!

Street furniture manufacturers- MBA

Mark Bailey Associates manufactures an all-inclusive range of top quality street furniture products for all kinds of environments. From modular, cost-effective range of the outdoor seating, to traditional cast iron bollards and architectural seating arrangements and timber planters, the range of street furniture is here to give the designers, architects and the specifiers’ choice and inspiration.

Our all-inclusive range is inclusive of benches, outdoor seating, chairs and stools, recycling units, litter bins, outdoor tables and picnic tables, demarcation posts and bollards, planters, tree grilles, tree guides, tree protection guards, parking reservation posts, barriers and the whole range of street furniture needs. The design – led aspect of MBA furniture lets it to focus attention on any scheme – from recreation areas to parks to local authorities, stations and regeneration projects.

MBA has manufactured, designed, installed and supplied street furniture products for a broad range of essential and principal transport terminals, universities, hospitals, football clubs, schools, high streets and the private commercial buildings.

LED decorative lights manufacturer and supplier

Outdoor lights are among the best items you can purchase for your house outside area and the reason for that are many! This kin d of lighting manages to aesthetically combine visual appeal with practicality which means that any outdoor lights you select are guaranteed to not just be functional, but also look aesthetically pleasing! Out extensive range is inclusive of high quality products and the items offered by us come in a broad range of variety of styles, finishes, and light bulbs. Hence, wait no more and shop now or some of the most delightful exterior lighting for your house. We have some amazing tips on how you can shop for the outdoor lighting with us. Decorative lanterns are something to check out most definitely!

Outdoor Pillar lights

Bollard lights and posts are of so many varying kinds, while some would have an ultra- contemporary space age feeling to them, the others will be height of conventional styled lighting. They are ideal for lighting up the pathways and offer practical tasteful charm and safety. Many of our lamp posts are so conventional that they will give a very Dickensian feel to your backyard! This is sure to create an amazingly appealing look especially in the winter’s snow time!

Electrical enclosures! – Feeder pillar box

MBA’s feeder pillar boxes are made in stainless steel and they are for protecting electronic and electrical equipment. The best feature about our federal pillar box is that they are highly resistant to corrosion and have a much longer durability while giving you a lower total cost of the ownership. It reduces the carbon footprint on installation and production and remain aesthetically pleasing with no rusty surface.